Modern IT Complexity Dilemma

The IT complexity dilemma refers to the challenges businesses face when trying to manage and optimize their IT operations. The increasing complexity of modern IT systems has made it difficult for businesses to keep up with technology changes and make necessary updates to their infrastructure, in turn making it difficult for them to realize their desired return on their technology investments.

Below are just some of examples how complex any of the IT fields is, with already so many established support companies.

Nobody likes complex things. It’s in our instinct that we gravitate towards what’s easy and understandable. But guess what, easy isn’t always good, just as the complex isn’t always bad. An ordinary person can never fully comprehend how the Large Hadron Collider operates, yet it doesn’t diminish this gigantic machine’s importance and value. 

Unfortunately, modern IT systems have evolved to the point where managing and optimizing them requires significant effort. If left unattended, those systems can do more harm than good, which can negatively impact your clients, partners, and employees.

As much as business owners realize the importance of the IT complexity issue, many are hesitant to address it due to the difficulty of determining the return on technological investments. That can lead to substantial technical debt and reduced operation capabilities, causing frequent system failures. 

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